Strength Meets Beauty

When it comes to strength and style, nothing shines brighter than Duragold. This premium 14K gold jewelry offers a rich color and a beautiful shine. Our durable gold jewelry and is designed to withstand the twists and tugs of everyday life. Duragold Jewelry is not only long-lasting, it’s more beautiful.

Nothing Lasts Longer

What sets gold jewelry apart? Why do some pieces shine forever while others wear away? Many would think it’s the gold itself, but in truth, all gold is created equal. The true difference is how the gold is crafted and how the alloys - which are in all gold jewelry - are created. Duragold marries the same quality and quantity of karat gold you find in other gold jewelry with a superior craftsmanship. You can wear Duragold Jewelry for years and it will always look like new.

Ready To Wear

Duragold is the perfect choice for today’s woman on the move. It defiantly resists scratching, breaking and denting. Delicate chains and safety catches made with this unique gold withstand accidental tugging and twisting with ease. It’s made to be a part of your life, not hide away in your jewelry box.

Made To Match

Duragold’s beauty may be more than skin deep, but looks matter. In addition to superior strength, Duragold is made to be mixed and matched. Nothing will compromise the rich color of your gold jewelry, and every piece is just as beautiful as the next. No matter which Duragold design you choose, you can be confident that it will be a perfect match.

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Quality To Last A Lifetime

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